Analysis Diagram Canvas


Available in sizes 24″x 36″ and 18″x 24″. Canvases are 20.5 mill thick, Fade-resistant, ploy-cotton blend. Canvases are hand stretched and glued to solid wood stretcher bars, and finished with a matte coating.

Note: The way the image is cropped may differ slightly between the two sizes. 24″ x 36″ crop shown in images.

Product Description

This illustration was part of a series of images from my conceptual Cranbrook Museum Addition design. A lattice texture and line work play up the shifting grids of the building geometry which were derived from the Cranbrook campus layout. This project was started in school and then later revisited to further refine the design. The illustration combines several images including Kerkythea clay renderings, Sketchup line work exports, and post processed in Photoshop. Other posters from this series include the Cranbrook Abstract Site Plan and theCranbrook Abstract Building Section . All Prints have been re-rendered at higher resolutions for sharper line work and finer details.


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